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Top Reasons To Rewire Your Home

Electrical wiring should last around 20 years. However, some homeowners don't pay attention to the wiring in their houses. Therefore, they may not know when or why to rewire. Here are some reasons you need to rewire your home.

Increase Electrical Capacity

Old wiring has about a 60-amp capacity. This is not enough for modern-day appliances. As a result, high electrical loads can lead to severe damage. An electrical overload is capable of causing house fires and burning out devices.

It is recommended that you upgrade your home's electrical system to at least 100 amps. You can upgrade it to up to 200 amps based on your usage and to make provisions for future needs. Your electrician will advise you on which electrical capacity will be best suited for your home.


Older homes were constructed before the best practices for wiring were established. Old homes have inadequately insulated cables that are based on a knob and tube system. Some also come with aluminum wiring. Both of these standards of wiring are more susceptible to hazards than modern wiring standards. 

Home rewiring ensures your home has the right number of wall receptacles for each room based on current electrical codes. Receptacles in the bathrooms and kitchen consist of ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs). These interrupters protect your home from incidences of electrocution and high currents. Additionally, modern homes have a few ungrounded slot outlets to allow grounding plug-in electronic appliances.

Improved Safety

Home rewiring practically assures you will get improved safety. Old electrical systems can result in electrical malfunctions that result in fires and shocks. Rewiring allows you to introduce safety measures like the use of plastic-insulated wires, grounding, and smoke detectors.

Furthermore, many insurance companies don't insure homes that are up to the latest wiring standards. Some insurance companies will charge higher premiums to homes that have old wiring. Therefore, rewiring makes your home safer by reducing your risk of fire outbreaks; thus, making insurance coverage easier to obtain.

Increasing Your Home's Value

When your home is up for sale, one of the things potential buyers will look at is your wiring. Homebuyers are often put off by outdated wiring because it is hazardous. The home inspector will look at your home's wiring when presenting a report to potential buyers.

Therefore, rewiring your home before it goes up for sale ensures you get a good report. Additionally, you will be able to sell your home at a better price when it is properly rewired since the buyers will not factor in the cost of rewiring.

Reach out to a local electrician to learn more.